Systemat / Art

The sophisticated, design-oriented system kitchen concept

Our ingenious and sophisticated system featuring variable and clearly structured modules makes for a high degree of creative freedom. Systemat Art is the space for contemporary living. Contemporary kitchen architecture takes new, individualized forms of living and furnishing into consideration. Extremely robust and convenient, customized to meet the highest of demands in terms of design and function and make our kitchens the starting point for unforgettable culinary experiences.

  • AV 2030 Satin M
  • AV 5020 Weiss Mattlack
  • AV 6000 Perlgrau Matt M
  • AV 6000 Polarweiss M
  • AV 6000 Samtblau M
  • AV1095 Esche Provence M
  • AV2030 Ozeanblau M
  • AV2065 Polarweiss AV5082 Wildeiche Sherry M
  • AV5035 Magnolie M
  • AV5090 GL Lavagrau M
  • AV6000 Schwarz M
  • AV6021 Eiche Schwarz M

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