Classic / Art

The price-conscious kitchen concept

This young and modern series offers you kitchens in a variety of different styles. Our product “classic” provides you with a fascinating array of possibilities for cabinet configuration as well as with regard to fittings and accessories. The many innovative functions of this kitchen turn cooking into a real experience. The high-quality, hard-wearing and easy-care material ensures that your kitchen will give you pleasure for many years to come.

  • Bali Eiche Seidengrau People M
  • Bali GL Eiche Nordic M
  • Breda Weiss M
  • Comet Perlgrau M2
  • Comet Spachtelbeton Graphit M
  • Cristall Uno Carbon Metallic Weiss people M
  • FaroGL Polarweiss People M
  • Integrale Weiss Gegenschuss D
  • Laser Brillant Atlantikblau M
  • Montana Eiche Seidengrau People M2
  • Neo Basaltgrau Sitzend people
  • Uno Graphit M

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